Student Competition Guidelines

What is ESG@Wake?

ESG@Wake is a student competition hosted by the School of Business. All students from the university (undergraduate, graduate, online or in-person) are invited to participate in the challenge.

How do I participate?

Step 1: Find or build a team (minimum 3 students)

Step 2: Read the brief – Select a theme or track

Step 3: Attend the kick-off event – February 23 (in-person or online)

Step 4: Generate your idea

Step 5: Upload your video response – complete the form
What will I submit?

A 100-second video that can include up to 3 slides. The submission should offer an introduction, your strategy or approach, and the potential impact or benefits.

How can my team prepare?

You can visit the resources page where we have curated some articles, podcasts, and other information to assist you through the process.

What happens after my pitch is submitted?

ESG Week will be held March 28 – April 1. Finalists for each category will present their pitches to judges on Friday, April 1.